“My ultimate dream is to elevate & evolve the concrete surface capabilities in the Philippines…”

~ Junjie Vazquez

Founded in 2010, J.VAZ.CO. introduced global standard concrete polishing and surface solutions in the Philippines by pioneering the Concrete Polishing System.

Going beyond just the surface, J.VAZ.CO. takes pride in uplifting the Filipino cultureby creating masters of our craft, and by aligning with industry-leading products, technology and training. Inspired by innovation and supported by expertise, J.VAZ.CO. brings uncompromised quality to every detail through a full range of comprehensive services and advanced solutions.

With a passion for excellence, J.VAZ.CO. continues to elevate the standards and practices in the concrete surfacing industry by going beyond the material and creating value from foundation to finish.

Our Commitment

In everything we do, we provide a seal of quality that our partners, customers and colleagues can rely on. From consultation to construction, our dedication to high standards translates to efficiency in all aspects of our service: time, design, and cost.

It is this commitment to our craft and customers that has transformed our humble beginnings of limited range and manpower to our currently growing roster of services and products, including Concrete  Flatwork System, Concrete Polishing System, Concrete Restoration System, Specialty Products and Designers’ Selection.

Today and everyday, J.VAZ.CO. is committed to:

  • Anticipating future challenges across industries by providing and developing innovative and long-lasting solutions.
  • Investing in masters of our craft and creating confidence within our industry by introducing global standard technology and training.
  • Building trust with our stakeholders by upholding ethics, morals and values, and contributing to the progress of the society.


Our Capabilities

Strengthened by exclusive distributorships from 8 global partners and more than 200 sets of the most advanced equipment, J.VAZ.CO. has accomplished over 1.6 million sq.m.in almost a thousand sites,spread over 75 cities and 39 provinces across the country.

With a strategic location in the metro and nationwide operations, our growing team of more than 200 skilled craftsmen and more than 40 professionals believe in quality that can go far and bring it wherever you are.


J.VAZ.CO. aims to elevate and evolve the concrete surfacing industry and capabilities. By focusing on the art of our practice, purpose of our products and character of our people, we can empower our industry and country to achieve more.

J.VAZ.CO. is dedicated to being and inspiring masters of our craft. We build a foundation based on the spirit of innovation, passion for excellence and heart for service, so that we can create a lasting impact through and within our industry.

J.VAZ.CO.’s success and reputation are based on the values that are deeply embedded in every individual, decision and goal behind the company:


There is no shortcut to excellence –no matter what we have been tasked with, we must take it upon ourselves to become masters of them by learning the value of every detail and respecting processes.


It is both a responsibility and a privilege for our partners, customers and colleagues to trust our word. We must remain truthful, and use our best judgment to perform our work selflessly and honestly.


We know that we cannot achieve our mission alone. Working together, and enriching each other, is the only way we can achieve greater results.


We are part of a family, something bigger than us as individuals. Recognize the hierarchy within and have the confidence that we are all looking out for each other’s best interest: respect and obey your authorities, and take care of those you are responsible for.


Everyone plays a significant role in the company’s success,thus we must actively claim our place. Search for means of improvement or start with yourself. Have the courage to take initiative and the conviction to follow through.


We must exhibit a high regard for the rights, feelings and wishes of others and ourselves. Whether customer or colleague, make a positive impact in the experience of those around us, knowing that deference to their needs and wishes is crucial in doing good business.


We are not in this alone.There will be no success if we are not guided by the great power and love that created us all. Each day, we do our work with gratitude to Him and to honor Him.

Historical Timelines

Our People

Committed, collaborative, creative – that’s how our people describe the J.VAZ.CO. culture.

Our people come to us with a willingness to learn and be the best in their field, whether it’s design, engineering, mechanics, masonry, finishing, operations, I.T., accounting, sales, or they have their own.


Our practice in J.VAZ.CO. reflects the same one we continue to do for our country: leading by example to inspire the excellence in men and women. Through training, they learn to perfect the technical skills to become top professionals. But beyond that, the family within the company shapes each of us, with the help of our Behavioral Skills Development program, to have loyalty to the company, dedication to service, a sense of responsibility and accountability, and complete faith in God.

Man. Materials. Machines.

190+ professional craftsmen
40+ leadership teams and members
150+ high-tech grinding and polishing machines
40+ advanced flatwork & restoration machines
2 laser screed machines
8 distributorships of specialty products sourced from 6 developed countries
2000+ sqm warehouse, strategically located
3 major depots: Metro Manila, North Luzon & Metro Cebu