Concrete is one of the strongest materials in the construction industry. It is made up of three components: cement, aggregate and water. More durable than asphalt and less expensive than brick or stone, individuals and companies have developed numerous applications for concrete, one of the most notable is concrete flatwork. As the name implies, concrete flatwork involves pouring concrete along a horizontal plane to achieve a perfectly flat and smooth surface. It is the ideal solution for property developers looking for both a lasting and an even foundation – slab, sidewalks, warehouse floors, loading docks, and parking lots are just some of the possibilities.

For over a decade, JVAZCO has installed concrete flatwork all over the country – and while the variety of every project continues to be an opportunity to learn and develop more efficient technologies and systems, each installation goes through the same general procedures to maintain the highest quality and to encourage a culture of respect for proper process.

Every concrete placement is unique, and there are different factors to every project: size, location, property purpose. Concrete flatwork installations have increased for residential, industrial and commercial developments due to the material’s strength and decorative possibilities. But, there is more to concrete flatwork than just pouring and finishing: the stability and structural integrity it offers are its biggest benefits and the reason why premium quality concrete must be the standard every single time.

Concrete flatwork might seem simple on the surface, but it is a specialized skill that requires specific equipment for every possible scenario. Working with a team with experience on the job and understanding of the craft comes with the assurance that a strategy will be built based on the nuances of the area, the proper code will be respected and observed, and the latest technology will be applied.

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