Concrete for Endless Possibilities

Concrete for Endless Possibilities

JVAZCO has added both GFRC and Architectural precast production to their repertoire, a new milestone for the company as we end the year. As the official distributor of RECKLI formliner in the Philippines, the company saw the opportunity to venture into GFRC and precast. Concrete Surface Solutions need not be limited to flooring but can even include decorative elements. Adding to our range of products and services offered under the Designer’s Selection, giving our customers new and innovative options to feature in their future projects.


When people picture concrete, simple and basic structures are the first things that come to mind. JVAZCO’s new division opens up possibilities in designing your concrete with Precast and GFRC. We offer numerous options in finishing your surface in different ways with more than 200 designs  to choose from to give your exposed concrete façade a unique look. With our new plant, creating thick or thin walls has become an option to be done.Glassfibre Reinforced Concrete or GFRC changes this perception by allowing opportunities for play, creativity and versatility – and that’s just some of its benefits.


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