Philippine American Concrete Institute Awardee

Philippine American Concrete Institute Awardee

Concrete Flatwork is a specialty work, a belief that has been dismissed by the Philippine construction industry for the longest time. The floor is the most utilized and exhausted part of any property, and yet ironically, people tend to skip it during project planning and budget allocation.

Before JVAZCO introduced polished concrete in 2010, the use of flooring tiles was the norm for both commercial and industrial projects. Since the tiles made it easy to cover up imperfections and weak spots, this trend provided an instant, Band-Aid-like solution for structures, but it contributed to a lasting overall disregard for compliance with the right standards and proper protocols in concrete placing.

In pursuit of setting better standards and uplifting the spirit of our craft, JVAZCO started its concrete flatwork service to adhere to the right processes and apply the best practices in the industry. Having built a trusted and reliable relationship through several successful years and projects together, JVAZCO proposed its concrete flatwork service to Wilcon. The promising benefits of the concrete flatwork service awarded us multiple projects with Wilcon, including the Wilcon Depot Commonwealth, a 4-level building with 14,100m2 floor area, which won JVAZCO an award for Best in Horizontal Construction from the American Concrete Institute’s Philippine Chapter.

Our Flatwork has resulted to substantial savings in rectification work of about 30%. Our attention to details greatly improved the quality and aesthetic finish of its polished concrete floor increasing the reflective sheen from a specular gloss of >50o to >60o. They also recognized potential savings that can be achieved in a properly laid and finished concrete; improving operational efficiencies brought about by a flatter and smoother floor, that is easy to maintain. Potential restoration cost is also avoided with a well-compacted concrete by applying the correct process and right timing of concrete vibration and power floating as guided by ACI 302.

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