Whatever you can conceive, concrete can become

Concrete’s versatility is beyond imagining. Affectionately called “liquid stone,” concrete can be polished, sculpted, molded, cast, painted, tinted, epoxied, made to shine to a mirror finish, and textured. There are no limits. Allow us to show you the possibilities.

Leading Edge Systems

We have developed and pioneered concrete processes that measure up to global standards. Our systems are proprietary and have been created by us and evolved by the needs of our clients––becoming practices that respond organically to our clients’ specifications as well as their imagination

Concrete Flatwork System

Good quality concrete flatwork is the foundation
for best quality polished concrete.

Concrete Polishing System

Pioneering Concrete Polishing.
The way it should be.

Concrete Restoration System

We can restore the beauty of any floor.
We can even make it better than it was

Products + Expertise

We have created networks and partnerships with experts, aficionados, and brands across the globe creating synergies that have allowed us to bring to the Philippines a selection of the most leading-edge and specially selected concrete surface products and services.

Our SPECIALTY PRODUCTS and DESIGNERS’ SELECTION boast a roster of carefully hand-picked brands and products from around the world––Asia, Europe, Australia, and the U.S.A.–– each an authority in their field, and each offering a range of extraordinary benefits and solutions that improve the quality of and enhance the beauty of concrete floors, walls, and facades.

Most of these brands have selected J. VAZCO, INC. as their exclusive distributor in Asia owing to our passion for concrete surfacing, as well as the technical know-how of our skilled craftsmen and their expertise in handling these highly-innovative materials and specialized tools and equipment.

Specialty Products

Pioneering products and systems that coat, protect, and enhance floors and other concrete surfaces


Highly innovative UV-curable floor coating



Specialty Concrete Repairing Systems & Cementitious Terrazzo

Designers’ Selection

Coatings, tints, and processes that combine science and art, technology and craftsmanship to create the most stunning surfaces.


Design Your Concrete


Architectural finishes inspired by Art & Science


Colors of the Italian Style


Top global concrete surface brands that offer a world of concrete enhancement possibilities.