Architectural Precast & GFRC

One of JVAZCO’s milestones for 2021 was to add Architectural Precast & GFRC to their repertoire. This service is the newest addition to the Designer’s Selection, alongside Reckli, Nawkaw and Novacolor. Architectural Precast and GFRC provide you unlimited possibilities to your concrete surface with more than 200 patterns to choose from RECKLI Selection or custom made. Use your imagination with concrete and create a design that best fits your next project. Not only does it allow you creative versatility, but can also be made extremely thin and hence, light!

Architectural precast is the best alternative if you’re searching for material to use for aesthetic purposes or even for construction economy! Its superiority revolves around its many benefits including low maintenance, high durability & energy efficient because it is all made pre-cast allowing for more consistent quality.

What sets our GFRC and PRECAST apart?

  •  Versatility in different finishes
  • Customizable sizes & shapes for Precast panels
  • Faster building process
  • Cost-saving option

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