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BONDDEX®professionally manufactures various types of self leveling concrete for a number of commercial and industrial flooring, decoration and structural applications.

BONDDEX® offers the R-Systems line, which features fast-curing and high-strength properties. The practicality of this ready-to-use mix make it most suitable for projects that require fast setting repair jobs, or operational facilities that are requiring additional work.

  • Low shrinkage
  • Perfect bonding ability
  • Perfect tensile and compressive strength
  • Used worldwide: Taiwan Wusu International Airport (Taiwan), Costco Beitou (Taiwan), Under Armour Training Center (Singapore), Landers Alabang (Philippines)
  • Under the G-Systems line, BONDDEX®allows for more creativitywith the freedom to choose from a range of colors and to mix additional aggregates for added texture.

Characterized by its self-leveling properties, this mix has good flowability and can easily be adjusted for better working ability.

  • Very low shrinkage
  • No resin burn
  • Good bonding ability
  • Easy to grind and polish
  • Used worldwide: Starbucks (Suzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing), Nike Lounge (Hong Kong), Saint Laurent (Taiwan, China), Pace Gallery (Hong Kong)

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