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The SPECTRO HYBRID POLYMER COATING is a first-of-its-kind ultra-high performance and quick-curing coating system developed using German technology.

Spectro Hybrid Polymer Floor Coating revolutionizes epoxy floor coatings with its ultra-high performing and quick-curing concrete protection system, which features a special hybrid formulation developed to address a range of needs and applications. Spectro’s unique use of UV light speeds up the curing process by creating a perfect polymerization reaction with UV energy exposure. The result is improved wear,safety and durability for any surface, without the downtime or the harsh chemicals.

  • Requires very minimal downtime
  • Resistance to high moisture, high abrasion and chemicals
  • Anti-skip, anti-slip
  • No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), low odor
  • Customizable
Attributes Others Spectro Advantages
Curing Time 3-5 Days Instantly No Waiting Time
VOC Content 20-25% No VOC Safe
Odor Odor No odor: Hammer Tone Safe
Hardness 2 Mohs 5-6 Mohs: Hammer Tone
3 Mohs: Smooth Finish
Exceptional adhesion strength
Surface Preparation Dry Dry & Wet More Flexible
Maintenance High Low & Easy Lower Manpower Requirement & cost

The Spectro
Hybrid Polymer Coating

  • High abrasion resistance improves wear and durability
  • Quick-curing requiring very little downtime
  • Anti-skid and anti-slip
  • Improved safety
  • High moisture and chemical resistance
  • No VOC
  • Low odor
  • Trouble-free maintenance reduces upkeep costs
  • Comes in a variety of attractive colors

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