BONDDEX is a line of professional and high-quality flooring, façade decoration, and structural coverage.  These top of the line products are sold and used internationally for a number of broad applications in commercial projects, offices, furniture, airports, highway repair, and other design and industrial requirements.  For instance, for customers who are aesthetically inclined or in need of decorative floors for lobbies, coffee shops, showrooms, and the like, BONDDEX has a line of cementitious terrazzo, that is self-leveling and fast-curing that could appeal to those with a keen design sense, but also work perfectly for those with tight deadlines.

At JVAZCO, we put their massive roster of concrete and surfacing supplies to good use largely for our restoration projects.  More than just their products, our teams of well-trained and skilled professionals are backed by BONDDEX technical support and their years of experience and knowhow.  These allow us to give our customers recommendations and options on how best to achieve their goals.

Beyond all these, our partners are constantly advancing their technologies through pioneering research and development.  We receive these new products directly from the source, allowing us to share them with our customers.



  • Fast-setting repairs
  • Cementitious terrazzo for decorative floors for showrooms, restaurants, lobbies, etc.