The Right Floor: Polished Concrete or Epoxy Coating

The Right Floor: Polished Concrete or Epoxy Coating

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Floor coatings are highly resistant to oil and acids. But, it’s non-reactive nature to chemicals is what makes it the best type of flooring for areas with corrosive chemicals. Areas that do not require extreme pH substances, toxins, and chemicals do not need to use coated floors. Epoxy coatings can also help in

providing more protection from harsh chemicals. In addition to its many benefits, it also comes in a wide range of shades and can hide any discoloration on your floor. While floor coatings are designed to resist damage and degradation, epoxy still requires reapplication after a certain amount of wear and tear.

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If you are in between polished concrete and epoxy coated floors, understanding the benefits, differences and purposes of the two treatments can make it easier to choose what your floor exactly needs. Given our many years of experience in the industry, JVAZCO prides themselves on being experts of flooring solutions in the Philippines, having done at least 2 million square meters of polished concrete nationwide.


On the other hand, polished concrete combines the durability and performance of concrete with a high aesthetic value. Both pleasing and practical, polished concrete floors are the perfect ground for heavy traffic and volume. Not only can the flooring system handle heavy machinery on the regular, but the polish brings an added safety, by giving the floor good traction even when wet. Polished concrete provides a clean look to your floor without much effort – only needing water and a pH-neutral cleaner to keep its shine and reflectivity. Durable, high-luster and easy to maintain are features most beneficial to lobbies, retail floors and commercial spaces, industrial facilities with light traffic, and warehouses.

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