Understanding Polished Concrete

With the rising demand for warehouses in the Philippines and to align with the ever changing trends in the construction industry, JVAZCO has evolved and elevated what it means to do polished concrete. Treating it like the specialized field that it is, JVAZCO invests time, technology and training in our biggest asset and strength: our people. Leading with discipline and passion for excellence, we are able to develop a new manner to do polished concrete that reflects our own perspective and culture – substantial, reliable, enduring.

We always emphasize the utmost importance of choosing the right kind of flooring for every building, but also the understanding that good concrete pouring is the key to a good foundation – and that is where you can trust JVAZCO. When done properly, Polished Concrete is advantageous for different purposes and businesses, with benefits that come for a meaningful long term use.

Polished Concrete has become the first choice for warehouses for a good reason – it can support and withstand long time use, even with heavy traffic, weight and load, and other elements that go beyond everyday.

Ultimately, how your floor is made – quality of materials, knowledge of the craft, adherence to proper standards and procedures – defines its quality now and in the long term. But, the right maintenance will allow you to enjoy the benefits for much longer.

Polished concrete happens to be the least time consuming to maintain. Although low maintenance does not mean no maintenance at all, a minimum amount of effort is needed – mopping the surface with water and any neutral pH cleaner is all you need to protect your floor from harsh elements. While the overall luster of your polish may fade with time, a simple buffing will bring back its shine.

With a combination of discipline and skill, JVAZCO has perfected polishing techniques over its decades of experience to make sure that re-polishing is not necessary so soon after, and by using the right tools and technology, we have made it almost impossible for dirt to be trapped in the small pores of the floor.

The key to creating an economic flooring option is to have a sound concrete slab. Many people often fail to realize its importance and later on, added costs build up from having to repair an already broken flooring. It is important to invest in a good and sound foundation to begin with to avoid any of these problems at any point in the future. Careful planning from the onset is imperative, as this is a specialized skill. Compared to other floorings, polished concrete provides a combination of these benefits in the most cost efficient manner.

Technically speaking, waxing your floors is not at all necessary if the slab itself is already shiny. Given that concrete floors are polished for better appearance and functionality, there will be absolutely no need at all to wax or strip the surface, which will save you lots of headaches with the maintenance in the future.

If you would like to know more about different concrete polished floors and which one is appropriate for you, talk to an expert and message us today.

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