Working Under Pressure

One of our company’s clients is a large membership big box store located in different areas of Metro Manila. After opening its newest store, the team behind the project noticed that the floor was slowly deteriorating and losing its shine after just a few weeks of having it polished by another supplier – this is when JVAZCO was asked to collaborate on ways to rectify the floor through our Concrete Polishing System ®.

We were given a short duration of time to completely restore the store’s surface. As with all of our projects, our first job is to inspect. During our initial inspection for strength, we discovered that the floor was actually deemed non-polishable as the surface was ultimately too weak to grind. The floor’s PSI was below the recommended levels for commercial establishments, which means fixing the concrete itself would be the more appropriate solution before we even consider polishing. We collectively decided with the team behind the project that the best way to avoid future challenges was to pour over the entire floor.

The best possible route to take was Concrete Restoration System ® before even proceeding with the Concrete Polishing System. This entailed resurfacing with specialty concrete. Because of time constraints and in an effort to avoid loss of sales, we chose to work with Bonddex, a thin overlay self-leveling concrete, which allowed for fast curing and early strength. Bonddex provided minimal to almost no downtime, but its biggest benefit specifically to the store was that it allowed them to remain operational and ready for the expected foot traffic even the following day. In preparation for the Bonddex overlay, scarification is used to help the bonding process and remove the weak points of the slab. After pouring the concrete, in less than an hour it is possible to walk on and after a few hours, it can also be driven on by forklifts. During the day, we were able to finally refine the surface further with our Concrete Polishing System ®.

Some of the challenges the team had to overcome were different types of limitations: accessible area, movement and time. At first, we were given an approximate 12-14 hours to work, but as the lockdown eased and the restrictions were lifted, the time was further reduced to only 6-8 hours. As opposed to lengthy conventional methods, JVAZCO can get the job done quicker and better using advanced technology and equipment combined with skill and expertise. JVAZCO understands that different projects require different solutions. We specialize in figuring how to achieve the strongest possible floor for your next project.

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