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Established in 2010 and motivated by a dream to bring global-standard concrete polishing to the Philippines, J.VAZ.CO. introduces innovative systems and solutions where you need them most — from home renovations to high-rise buildings, and all that is in between.

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Products & Services

Concrete Flatwork System

Redefining conventional standards and processes, the Concrete Flatwork System offers five levels of flatness and levelness to assure detail and durability.
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Concrete Polishing System

Serving as an industry guide, the Concrete Polishing System was introduced with 7 levels of finishes based on the Concrete Polishing Council’s specifications.
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Concrete Restoration System

With our team of craftsmen, who use both skill and specialty products, the Concrete Restoration System ensures your projects are a success for a lifetime.
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Specialty Products

Flooring is more than just functional. Bring distinction to your structure with ready-to-use mixes and hybrid formulas from our Specialty Products.
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Designers’ Selection

Allow your imagination to lead. Design with the big picture in mind, and find the right details to match in our Designers’ Selection.
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Discover more of our services through our global partners.
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Featured Projects


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Menarco Tower

Ibalik Natin ang mga Maestro!

Everything we do is driven by our vision to bring back the passion and expertise of the maestros of our industry, and create quality beyond traditional boundaries.